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Preparing for Professional transition

The approach of a significant professional change can cause considerable angst and anxiety which can often impact motivation and performance.  Senior professionals can be tempted to stall their departure for fear of what lies ahead – blocking space for the talented next generation to come through.    But with the right support, individuals can be re-invigorated, motivated and leave positively and enthusiastically going on to successful new careers and opportunities and being great positive ambassadors and business developers.  Springbows programmes include:

  • Preparation for career transition: practical support and mentoring to help your staff prepare for change and clarify where they want to take their next successful step
  • Extensive networking with senior figures across the range of sectors together with external opportunities to expand experience and knowledge
  • Advice and practical support to develop transferable and new skills
  • Group workshops (in/out of house) on a range of topics including communication/interview skills; relationships, managing stress