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‘I thoroughly recommend Springbows to anyone who is looking for a new direction in life but also for those who want to have a better understanding of themselves’

“I feel deeply blessed to have been on the course. Life changing. Literally. I am in your debt. Thousands must do Springbows”

‘Thanks for being my emotional crutch as I wax and wane about leaving the firm’.

‘Springbows provided a kickstart for me; under the guidance of the coaches and the learnings from the sessions, it  made me pause and start to actively think and consider my actions and decisions, in a more holistic way – I would probably be continuing to work myself into the ground and neglecting certain parts of my life and myself that really need some reflection, focus and attention.’

‘The chemistry of the group is really good and makes is possible for me to open up and share my thoughts and opinions’

‘The faculty are of a world class standard’

‘you helped me see clearly, explore the options from a position of strength and take what I know is a very positive step forward’

‘the technique L taught me, I’m literally using every day – it’s really helpful when I feel overwhelmed and anxious’

‘it’s been really transformative for me’

“The quality of training is very stimulating and resonates with this period of my life”

‘A million thank yous for your time today.   It was mind-exploding – I can’t believe the shift in thinking that I am going through’.